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How to Choose A Leaf Mulcher

Leaf MulcherFor avid gardeners, a leaf mulcher is a great tool to recycle those piles of leaves in your backyard specially during autumn. Leaf mulchers are tools that shred leaves, twigs and other organic matter into very tiny pieces. The result is a mixture which you can use to help your garden plants thrive and flourish.

Mulch is very good for your soil. When it blankets the soil, it helps it retain moisture which is especially great when the weather becomes too warm or too cold. Mulch on top of your soil protects it from the elements and helps prevent soil erosion. Plus, it also helps prevent weeds from taking root.

Although you can buy mulch from your local garden supply shop, you can also easily create it on your own using the things that you would normally throw out. Creating mulch is effortless with a leaf mulcher. All you have to do is feed the machine and it will shred the the leaves, twigs and other organic matter that you fed into it, giving you a thick and rich mixture of mulch. And you also get to recycle, which is great for the environment.

There are several types of leaf mulchers that you can choose from to meet your specific needs. When deciding what type of leaf mulcher to buy, the main thing you consider is the size and type of garden that you have.

If you have a small to moderate sized yard or garden, a stand alone type of leaf mulcher will do. Gathering all the fallen leaves and twigs from your garden will still give you a good exercise but not break your back. But if you have a large yard or garden, manually gathering up all you raw material might take forever. A leaf vacuum and mulcher combo can help you save time.

The size of your yard will also determine whether you want to get a electric powered leaf mulcher or a gas powered one. The electric powered mulchers are cleaner and run quieter. However, you are limited in the distance that you can cover. With gas powered mulchers, you can cover bigger distances.

The kind of yard or garden that you have will also dictate whether it’s a good idea to get a leaf mulcher only or a combo power tool. There are lawn mowers that have mulching capabilities and this is great if your raw material is mostly grass cuttings from your lawn. Then there are leaf blowers / vacuum / mulcher combinations, too, which is great if you primarily use fallen leaves as your raw material.

The leaf mulcher is a very handy and hardy tool. Use it properly and maintain it well so you get to use it for a longer period of time.

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